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Analysis Paralysis. Raise your hand if you can relate? I totally do and often take way to long to do things because I have to plan, organize, weigh my options, price things out, probably put them on a spreadsheet, look at the calendar to find the “right” time to do things. It’s awful. As much as that kind of behavior may be necessary in some areas of life, it’s easy to transfer that behavior to ALL areas of life and it bogs you down and prevents you from moving forward.

So… why the desk?

I was painting the studio this past weekend and wished my desk was 2 feet smaller. I imagined my “perfect” desk. It would be industrial. Made of wood and steel. In fact, hand made. By me.

I am tired of being paralyzed by overthinking things. I got in the car and went to home depot with only a picture from pinterest.

I stood in the aisles piecing together pipes and steel fittings until I everyone around knew who the crazy lady in isle 14 was. I went home, sanded, stained and jammed out to hits from the 90s while I remembered what it was like to build something from nothing.

Concept to completion took only 7 hours.

I love my new desk and all it represents.

Here’s to kicking 2016 in the pants!



Angelsea Urban is aentrepreneur and photographer helping familiesto nourish their homes, relationships andbusinesses through meaningful portrait photography, business consulting and management for entrepreneurs, teaching practical stewardship and home management systems, and creating simple products and tools that maximize the quality of our lives.Her unique photography work focuses onRedefining the Family Portrait Experienceby tellingthe story of familythrough personalized foundations while creating a space to strengthen family bonds throughout the experience. As a certified tax professional and seasoned business consultant, Angelsea has helped the careers of photographers, restaurateurs, musicians and general small business owners through teaching, workshops, coaching, and hands on consulting. She serves in several ministries and is a Board Member and the Director of Operations for Starve Poverty International. She has photographed for families, brides, Bravo TV, NFL Films, and more and has been published inmultiple blogs and magazine print for her work in photography and in strategic business management. Angelsea teaches and photographs throughout the United States, and resides with her husband of 18 years, their two children, and their barely 3 pound Yorkie near Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

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